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How to buy ArcheAge Ezi items?

Need to purchase some items on Ezi server? It’s easy, just follow these six steps:
  1. Locate the item in our item list
  2. Couldn’t find the item? Fill in the form and we will message you as soon as we have it in our stock!
  3. Decide on the payment method
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Is it safe to buy ArcheAge Ezi items?

Buying Archeage items on Ezi but are not sure how safe it is? Here at Sellers and Friends, we value the safety and privacy of our customers. With over four years of experience in virtual goods trading, we are able to select the safest delivery methods possible. We also perform a thorough background checks of our suppliers to ensure the items do not come from botting or scams. Safe Archeage Items. At SellersAndFriends you can also buy ArcheAge Gold on Kadum Server.

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